The Upper stage programme

14:00 Folk Ensemble – Prahova (Rumunsko)
Traditional Romanian Folk dances with possible participation of visitors. The programme was supported by The Romanian cultural institute.

14:45 Haseena Belly Dancers – the bellydancing
Thirty minutes long bellydancing workshop with professional dancer – Štěpánka Haseena.

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15:30 Au Co
Dancing group Au Co – Modern stylization of the traditional motives of Vietnam dances.

16:15 Forró
Forró is connected mainly with the north-east of Brasil. It combines the influnce of many cultures as it is usual in Brasil – Indian, African, European.

17:00 Cigáni jdou do nebe (Gipsies goes to heaven) & Gendalos
The music is the gift, the dance is the joy, movement hase no limits in age, race ar health. This cooperation of Sandaloš čhaja, ZŠ and MŠ Grafická Praha Smíchov & Inklusio o.p.s. can show it to you.

17:30 Kaolack
Pape Ibrahima Ndiaye (Kaolack) je the choreographer and dancer of the world best level. His work combines traditional and modern African dance. He is presenting his skills in many countries around the world. His work influences tens of dance groups worldwide. He is awarded by some prestigeous dancing awards: Cultures France (Paris) or Nes el Fen (Tunis).

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