Main Stage

The festival will officialy start at 2 p.m.

14:15 Omar Rojas (Mexico)
Mexican composer and quitar player Omar Rojas plays and sings the traditional mexican folk songs. The program is supported by Embassy od United States of Mexico in Prague.

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15:05 Nakara (Czech rep.)
Original fusion of classical music, jazz, oriental performed by top czech instrumentalists. Miroslav Nosek – acoustic quitar . Jan Keller – violoncello . Tomáš Reindl – tablos, cajon, percussion.

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16:25 Folk Ensemble – Prahova (Romania)
Traditional romanian folk dances accompanied by live music of Iona Cretean. The program is supported by Romanian Cultural Institute.

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17:05 Ion Creteanu (Romania)
Romanian folk singer Ion Creteanu performes the traditional songs using the historical romanian stringed instrument – kobza. The program is supported by Romanian cultural institute.

18:10 Akropolis (Greece)
Dynamical medditerian music performed by authentic Greece band.

19:25 Shahab Tolouie Quartet (Iran)
Excelent music, originality and virtuozity of each member will take us on exciting travel from Kaspian See to Persian Gulf and through the whole Mediterian to Spain.

Shahab: Triple-neck FuseTar / Guitars / Vocal
Vychy: Guitars
Jatra: Electric Bass
Drama: Drums

20:55 Maranatha Gospel Choir (Czech rep./USA)
Founded in 2005 Maranatha Gospel Choir is one of the biggest in Czech republic. The repertoir of choir consists from the works of Kirk Franklin (USA), Deon Kipping (USA), Brian Fentress (USA), Hans Christian Jochimsen (Dánsko), Claes Wegener (Dánsko) and others.

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The Festival ends at 10 p.m.

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