Dastarkhan (Uzbekistán)

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Mia’s Cupcakes (USA)
Mia’s Cupcakes (USA)

Travelling tearoom Čajchan
From Karel with Love (Francie)
Moldvin (Moldova) – Wine Shop
Gelateria & Caffé Amato (Italy)
Wine from Portugal
Asia Point
FruTeAMa Icecream (Mexico)
Kavárna Čekárna (Waiting Room Caffetéria)
The Embassy of South African Republic
Bwindi Orphans
Klub Hanoi – South East Asia – Liaison
House of Minorities
The Embassy of Kingdom of Morocco in Prague
Poradna pro integraci (The Integration Consulting Office)
Romanian Cultural Institute in Prague
The Embassy of Egyptian Arabic Republic in Prague
The Saffron Shop Pasargad


The Integration Centre Prague
Potala o.s.
AFS Mezikulturní Programy o.p.s. / AFS Intercultural Programs
Tradiciones (South America)
ACA – African Culture & Art
Made in Syria – Qitra
Smíšek, o.s.



Mexican jewellery

India & Pakistan

The Brazilian Point

The Senegal Shop

Specialities and wine from Peru
Mozart – Austrian-style pastry
Cuban cocktails and specialities
Traditional Polish specialities
Beer specials from Austria
Nofeh Patisserie (Izrael)
Traditional Afghan Delicaties
Traditional Serbian pljeskavica
Traditional food from Kongo
Traditional Food from Kongo Brazzaville
Traditional Pakistan Food Shop
Specialties from Coté D’Ivoire
Armenian Barbecue
Mexican Specialities and Traditional Cuisine
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